The previous host of the Biggest Loser is now set to start trying for a baby with her fiancé, sports reporter Hayley Willis

Fiona Falkiner, 37, has revealed that she is undergoing IVF treatments in order to start a family with Hayley. In the past, the couple has said they would adopt to start their family.

She recently posted a thinly veiled message on Instagram: Fertility can be a scary word we don’t really like to talk about.

Fiona is used to challenging her body and pushing the limits of her strength and endurance, but even she has to admit that fertility treatments are trying. Every day is hard, and I have never questioned myself and my body so much. Trying to do all the things to make myself the perfect home for a little human, but sometimes even that is not enough.

Any woman who has tried to conceive can relate to this experience!

It is truly a mentally and physically exhausting experience. She says, “It’s a struggle mentally and physically,and I just want to say to anyone else out there on this journey you are not alone!

While Fiona may have only been trying to vent a little frustration, she soon found her social media accounts inundated with messages of commiseration and support. Many women reached out to tell her that they too had struggled on their own IVF journeys. A source close to Fiona says that, being a mother is something Fiona has always wanted to do, and she has the full support of her family.

That said, Fiona still finds it a lonely experience at times

She told the Telegraph, obviously you have your partner, but it can actually feel like a really lonely process. It is you and your body against all the odds. Women don’t really talk about it until after the fact. It can be really quite traumatic.

To overcome this sense of loneliness, the couple is launching a new podcast called, What the IVF?

For anyone who questions the speed at which the couple, who got engaged in Vanuatu in April of 2019, their friends and family disagree wholeheartedly

Fiona and Hayley aren’t worried about moving fast – their bond is so strong, and this is the next natural step.

Hayley recently expressed that she too wants to carry a baby in order to grow their family. She says, Fi is going first because she is older. I really want to carry a bub too, but Fi will go first just because of the body clock on fertility, so her going first is best.

They want to have their babies quite close to one another, so that they can lose all of the sleep at once. What do you think of this strategy?

We wish this beautiful couple all the best, and we are really looking forward to their podcast.