Calling her future babies “beautiful”, star of Love Island Megan Barton-Hanson has booked in one her besties, also from the world of showbiz reality TV, to be her sperm donor in the future

Megan has had a dating history scattered with heartbreak, including a “fling” with a married man, Harry Fenner during lockdown, which she quickly put an end to after being photographed kissing him in public. But after splitting from her girlfriend Chelcee Grimes in March, she now says that she would prefer to have her babies with a woman rather than a man.

Preferring to settle down with a woman, she would need a sperm donor, and since saying she’s needs one, TOWIE star Bobby Norris has pledged his sperm

Talking to Fubar Radio, she said, “I thought, I enjoy girls’ company and I enjoy the physical side, but I didn’t really see me having a future with a woman.”

“But now since I’ve had a serious girlfriend, I’m all up for that. It doesn’t matter whether it’s male or female, ultimately one day I want kids. It’s just gonna be a different route with a woman than it would be with a man.”

Bobby, wo was also on the radio show said, “If you ever need a donor, hook me up, send me a WhatsApp, I’ll put it in a jiffy bag over to you. If you give me an egg, I’ll give you a sperm. Happy days.”

Obviously over the moon with the offer, Megan replied, “Oh my God I’m holding you to that… One hundred percent, oh Bob they’ll be beautiful!”

After ending her romance with Harry Fenner, she told Closer magazine, “I love being in love, but I’m in no rush to find a relationship any time soon. I’ve had a lot of intense relationships recently – with my one after Love Island, and then my recent one in the public eye – so now I just want to focus on being me.”

“I’d love to get married one day, but that’d be a bonus, not a necessity – and it’s not something I want any time soon. I want to take time to love myself and be a boss bitch.”