Brian Dowling appeared on UK’s Loose Women and spoke about how he and husband Arthur Gourounlian plan to start their family soon by adopting a child

While he and Arthur had previously discussed using a surrogate to carry a biological child for them, the couple has come to the decision that they will adopt.

During his Loose Women appearance, Brian said, “Arthur and I will be married for five years in July. It’s gone by so quickly,and we are adamant that we want to start a family. I’m 42, so I hope I have not left it too late.”

The TV personality, known for his appearances on Big Brother, revealed that they were initially on opposite sides of the debate about how to start their family

“One of us was pro-surrogacy,and one of us was pro-adoption. We both agreed on adoption,and that’s the one we are going to focus on together and see where it leads us.”

Brian revealed that Arthur’s ethnicity and the discrimination he faced when he came to Europe played a role in their decision to help a child in need. “Arthur is Armenian, and he grew up and found it very, very difficult being an immigrant and moving to Europe from Armenia. They struggled a lot.”

Arthur, therefore, wanted to make sure that he used his position to give a child a home. “Arthur’s feelings were, ‘why to pay so much money to make a baby when you can adopt so many that are out there looking for parents?'”

The Real Housewives of Cheshire host lost his mother two years ago, and this triggered a desire within him to have a family of his own

He recognised that life is precious and fleeting andwanted to share his love and life with a child. He reflected, “I also lost my mum at 61, and I am conscious of my mortality,and I question it a lot. I want to be there for my child or my children. But nowadays 40 is the new 30.”

Brian is very conscious that he will be older than some of the other parents when his child reaches school age

“Arthur is turning 40, and I am turning 42 this year, and I would like to think that we will have our family before I am 45. Arthur wants three kids, and I want one, maybe two, so I have a busy few years ahead of me. You want to be young enough when you are at the school gates. You don’t kids asking, ‘Is that your granddad’ and our child to reply, ‘No, that is my Dad’. I am very conscious of that.”

We couldn’t be happier for Brian and Arthur, and we wish them all the luck in the world with their attempts to start their family!

Have you considered adoption? We want to hear more about the reasons why you have chosen to adopt, or why you have ruled that option out for your family.

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