Couple Ryan Walker and Chris Watson will welcome twins this Autumn after a surrogate came forward to help them fulfil their dream of becoming parents

Ryan, 32, and Chris, from Falkirk, in Scotland, had been devastated after two previous surrogates changed their minds, meaning their dreams had all but ended.

But then a woman who heard about their plight came forward to help them, believing they will make great dads.

Ryan had previously been diagnosed with cancer and had his sperm frozen before his chemotherapy began, and also had the added trauma of his mother being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

He told The Sunday Post: “Mum may have passed away, but I know that she is still with me every step of the way.

“When the eggs were transferred to our surrogate mum at the end of January she held my mother’s wedding ring in her hand and pressed it to her tummy.

So now we are having twins, it feels like mum is still here with us.”

The couple had already fostered a toddler, who is excited by the new arrivals.


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